Thursday, July 28, 2005

Anyone that thinks that baseball is a sissy sport should have seen what happened to Red Sox pitcher Matt Clement the other night. Did you see it? He got hit in the head with a line drive that literally lifted him off his feet.

They took him out on a stretcher, but it looks like he's going to be ok. He must have a thick skull. And you don't have to be a pitcher to get hurt; it's a wonder Derek Jeter hasn't killed himself, the way he plays. Here's a shot of the famous dive into the stands (during a game with my Boston Red Sox). All props to Mr. Jeter (oh, and he caught the ball).


Blogger the kid said...

jay powell, a relief pitcher on the atlanta braves, broke his arm throwing a pitch. pitching, being such an unnatural motion, apparently caught up to mr.powell. however, nothing is worse than the injuries tony saunders had to endure:he had the same thing that happened to powell happen to him..... twice.

the kid

11:50 PM  

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