Friday, July 29, 2005

Whenever I have a question about America’s Past Time, I ask Young Adonis Diogenes, who attends the College of Baseball Knowledge, where he is known as the “Perfesser”, due to the depth of wisdom far beyond his years regarding the sport. Earlier in the Spring, when I expressed my concern regarding the lackluster play of the Red Sox, he simply shrugged and said, “it’s a long season.”

Indeed it is. 162 games. Whereas football is what, 17 games long? This means if your favorite team loses the first four games, then your season is basically toast, and it’s barely October! In baseball, losing four games in a row means nothing. Consider the Washington Nationals, who looked like they’d run away with the National League East, then proceeded to lose eight of their last 10 games and find themselves in second place behind the Atlanta Braves. Should you despair if you live around the beltway? I repeat what the Perfesser says: “it’s a long season.”

Even the hapless National League West, whose best team is playing a mere .500 ball still has a shot. You never know what will happen (though in truth, their chances of advancing beyond the first round of the playoffs are pretty dim). With the trade deadline fast approaching, teams could spend money and re-tool for the last half of the season, or they could give up and trade away their big money players and look ahead to next year. That’s what I love about baseball; you should never, ever give up. It’s a long season.


Blogger the kid said...

just like to point out a couple of things.
#1-- the nationals should be in despair, they do not have a good team. if you look at the numbers, even when the nats were well ahead of the bravos in the east, they still had a negative run differential. what does that mean you ask? it means that they had given up more runs then they had scored. yup, thats right, a 1st place team had been outscored of the course of the year. the reason they were in first? a pitchers park and an amazing record in 1-run games. but you see over the course of a LONG season these sort of things tend to catch up with the mediocre teams. the nats will finish no higher than 4th in their division either just ahead or just below the phillies. braves, marlins, mets, phills, nats.... in that order. you heard it here first.

#2-- the winner of the nl west will have a losing record and will immediately take their first round series with the cards to a game 5, only to lose in extras. you heard that here 1st.

#3-- boston is a good team. good teams find ways to stop losing streaks and motivate themselves. there is no reason to tear yourself up over such a long season with such a talented team. just sit back and enjoy the first division championship since 95. then go ask all yankee fans how the cellar looks like.

on a side note: who woulda thought the yanks would be this bad and not make the playoffs..... oh wait that was me. they had no pitching, no defense, and no CF... they pissed away there money this off season. i mean 40 mil for a career .500 pitcher. unreal.

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