Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh brother. What a hypocrite.

Source says Palmeiro will be suspended


Blogger the kid said...

once again a couple of things to say...

#1-- what a bunch of bullsh!t. any weight lifter, athlete, dieter, all of the above know exactly what they put in their bodies everyday of the week, 24/7. they are meticulous(sp?) about this. anyone that has worked out or dieted on a regular basis knows palmeiro is full of it.

#2-- what a sad end to a career. atleast bonds was smart enough to not be able to go this year so he can juice up to speed along his healing process.

#3-- isnt it ironic that jose canseco came out as the honest one in this whole ordeal.

#4-- isnt ironic part II..... the athletics had three juicers on their teams- canseco, giambi, and mcgwire.

#5-- how sad is it to juice and still suck....*cough*ryan franklin*cough*

this just in.... palmeiro was found to have a very potent steriod in his system. the same that ben johnson had in his when he was stripped of his gold medal. check for more

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